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_BB Struct Reference

#include <global.h>

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Detailed Description

An instrumented basic block (BB).

BBs are put into a resizable hash to allow for fast detection if a BB is to be retranslated but cost info is already available. The key for a BB is a (object, offset) tupel making it independent from possibly multiple mappings of the same ELF object.

At the beginning of each instrumented BB, a call to setup_bbcc(), specifying a pointer to the according BB structure, is added.

As cost of a BB has to be distinguished depending on the context, multiple cost centers for one BB (struct BBCC) exist and the according BBCC is set by setup_bbcc.

Definition at line 283 of file global.h.

Public Attributes

BBCC * bbcc_list
UInt cjmp_count
Bool cjmp_inverted
UInt cost_count
fn_node * fn
InstrInfo instr [0]
UInt instr_count
UInt instr_len
Bool is_entry
CJmpInfo * jmp
Int jmpkind
BBCC * last_bbcc
UInt line
obj_node * obj
OffT offset
VgSectKind sect_kind

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